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Real-Time Spam Filter Stats
Updated 7/13/2024 5:38:05 PM (PST)
% Approved   62.1% 31.6%
   % Whitelist   99.1% 99.2%
   % Other   0.9% 0.8%

% Suspicious

  2.7% 1.6%
% Blocked   35.2% 66.8%
   % Blacklist   71.0% 94.2%
   % Virus   0.0% 0.0%
   % Heuristic   20.6% 5.0%
   % Other   8.4% 0.8%

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SpamCat costs LESS than what most people spend on COFFEE each month!

With plans starting at only $14.99/month, you can protect your ENTIRE company from spam and email viruses for less than what you're probably spending on coffee each month.

Most spam filtering products must be licensed for each individual user, computer, or email account - but not SpamCat!

SpamCat works on a Domain Basis, which means that for one basic monthly fee, SpamCat will protect an UNLIMITED number of email address and/or users in your domain.

What's more, we've built our plans in an easy to understand format, very similar to your cell phone service! In this case, your domain would be analogous to your cell phone number, and your data transfer (the amount of email you send and receive) is analogous to your cell phone minutes. It's easy!

As if that's not enough, customers are welcome to change their plan ANY TIME without paying any penalties or fees, so as your needs change, your plan can change with you!

At last - Comprehensive email protection, with absolutely no administrative headaches whenever your human resources change, and at a predicitable and affordable price!

SpamCat Pricing Plans:
Plan Name: Monthly Transfer: Monthly Price:

Additional Transfer:

SpamCat 200 200 MB $14.99


SpamCat 500 500 MB $24.99 $0.12/MB
SpamCat 1000 1.0 GB $49.99 $0.10/MB
SpamCat 1500 1.5 GB $69.99 $0.10/MB
SpamCat 2000 2.0 GB $89.99 $0.09/MB
SpamCat 4000 4.0 GB $159.99 $0.08/MB
SpamCat 6500 6.5 GB $229.99 $0.07/MB
SpamCat 10,000 10.0 GB $299.99 $0.06/MB
SpamCat Enterprise 15.0 GB+ Custom package. Call for a no-obligation quote.
  • Each plan is subject to the terms of the SpamCat Service Agreement.
  • One-year contract required.
  • $150 early termination fee applies per plan.
  • Each plan includes one protected domain, with absolutely NO limitation on number of email addresses.
  • Additional domains can be added to any plan for only $10.00/month per domain.
  • 1 GB = 1,000 MB
  • Monthly transfer usage is calculated by summing all inbound and outbound traffic routed to or through SpamCat servers during a given billing cycle on behalf of all domains protected under a given plan.
  • Additional data transfer is billed in MB (megabyte) increments in accordance with the plan in effect at the close of a given billing cycle, rounded up to the nearest $1.00 increment.

Call us today at (877) 596-5966 to learn more about SpamCat or to sign up! In less than 24 hours, your company's email will be clean, secure, and productive again!


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